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Lean Digital Transformation: Our Approach

Lean Digital Transformation

Posted on Aug 27, 2018

Lean Digital Transformation combines the principles of Lean, agile development, Design Thinking practices and cutting-edge digital technologies. The result? Enterprise-wide transformation.


A translation of Lean thinking into the digital context, driven by design creating a culture focused on learning.


Lean Digital Transformation Approach Diagram


Lean Digital Transformation can answer huge business questions

No matter what industry you’re in, Lean thinking combined with digital prowess can help you beat competition with:

  • Faster speed to market—at an enterprise scale
  • Consistency in creating superior customer experiences across the board
  • Shorter cycles and quicker learning 
  • Truly changing company culture to achieve all the above

Why is the C-Suite hesitant to adopt LDT?

Some C-suite professionals aren’t even aware of the power of Lean Digital Transformation. Others are lured in by the temptation of creating “digital competences” but don’t understand (or ignore the fact) that it’s actually a much larger cultural change. Still others are excited by the idea of acquiring or partnering with startups—or even creating their own internal startup practice—but don’t actually change the core business or their company culture.

Cornerstones of Lean Digital




What Lean Digital Transformation is NOT:

  • Take a tour to Silicon Valley
  • Train teams in Design Thinking and Agile
  • Design a cool office
  • Consider acquiring a start-up
  • Run innovation challenges
  • Partner with start-ups or accelerators
  • Consider building your own accelerator
  • Start a Silicon Valley lab!